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 » Opening A Relations Office *Team/Clan*

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PostSubject: » Opening A Relations Office *Team/Clan*   Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:05 pm

Welcome, by reading this you have started your first steps into becoming an team with a Relations office with Team Exile.

These are our requirements to request a relations office:

  1. A minimum of 8 members
  2. No currently open conflict (I mean actual conflict, not a duel 'war') with another team
  3. Leader must contact one of our Outreach Staff.
Now a few requirements for members hoping to represent their academy:

  1. May Only represent YOUR team.
  2. No outstanding bans with us. IF you do have bans, then we will allow your team to register, but you must speak with us to arrange how we are going to organize representation.
  3. Allow us at least 2 weeks to review your application, after which, we will give you a definite yes or no.....or ask for more time.

We review all applications slowly, and we examine not just your application but also your current relations and what we judge to be your activity level.

Now for the actual application:

  • Your Team's Name:
  • Assigned Team Representative:
  • Team Leader:
  • Team's Website:
  • Date Application was submitted (changing this will result in an instant denial)

Please post in this topic with the application. We will then organize a meeting, so that we can speak with you about it.
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» Opening A Relations Office *Team/Clan*
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