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PostSubject: ***Rules***   ***Rules*** I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 21, 2008 12:17 pm

Any and All members are expected to follow the following rules:
1) Respect yourself, other clans, Academies, and users.
2) Be active if you wish to participate
3) No excessive vulgar language

These are rules that apply to specific groups now:

[*]You are expected to be on your best behavior. Excessive cursing will get you banned, and relations with your team will cease until such a time where you have apologized for your actions.
[*]You do not apply as an ally, the best you get is neutrality. If you wish to ask for an alliance then you post there, and one of the Outreach Admins will contact you and explain how you may become an ally.
[*]No insulting other teams. Keep Team-Team drama out of here, we don't want to see any of it.
[*]Follow the Rules for registering an academy with us. Once you've registered, please wait for us to contact you.
[*]Discussion between us and your academy will be on an outreach-leader basis, we ask that you don't send a member. We take all your applications for relations seriously, please give us the courtesy of doing the same.
[*]Keep your Academy-Academy drama out of here, it's got nothing to do with us so don't bring it here.
[*]All Academies start out as neutral, where it goes from there is all up to how our further relations go.
[/list]EX Members:
[*]Respect other teams and members.
[*]Do not start arguments, keep them out of here.
[*]Keep personal crap out of here, you don't like an academy or team, give a reason.
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